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If you are in Dubai then you want to make sure that you go to a beautiful location, dress to impress and to relax all day. The Riva beach is an exclusive, stylish beach where celebrities come from all over the world. 

It looks out onto the crystal clear Arabian sea and offers a’ la Carte facilities. It’s the kind of beach that you see on films that every girl wants to be in. The sand is white, the water is blue and the champagne is everywhere. You can just look good and relax as much as you want.


As well as the food being exceptional, there is definitely a hint of romance when you walk in especially when the sun is going down. It is an experience you won’t forget! Men dress up in suits and woman dress up in their sexiest outfits making it look like you’ve just walked out of a bond film.

Miss Monroe Pink Triangle Bikini for Dubai is a definite yes!

Now every woman in Dubai loves a bit of gold, silver and diamonds so here is our bikini that will best suit you if you are planning a trip to Dubai. The Miss Monroe Pink bikini is beautiful, sexy and eye catching - perfect for a glamorous trip away in the sun! You will no doubt look confident and sassy walking around in this bikini. 


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