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Skin in the colder months can be super bland, dry and leaving us wearing jeans on nights out instead of showing of our glossy moisturised tanned skin in our cute mini skirts!

We need to change this girls...
Now's the time to get the greatest orange lotion miracle out of the back of our cupboards...Fake Tan!

Here are SasSea Swimwear's Top Fake Tan Tips to stop you from looking like an orange Oompa Loompa!



Exfoliating the faded tanned summer skin is super important when applying fake tan. Removing these dead skin cells provides a brand new tip top surface for the bronze goodness to be applied to!

You need: Exfoliating gloves: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Exfoliating-Gloves_1228627/ and a super good exfoliator like this one: http://www.soapandglory.com/breakfast-scrub


24 hours pre fake tanning, hair removal woes should take place. This is to ensure that the skin and any cuts and pores have been healed properly.

You need: Waxing strips: http://www.boots.com/en/Veet-Maxi-Pack-40-EasyGrip-Ready-to-Use-Wax- Strips-4-Perfect-Finish-Wipes-for-Normal-Skin_981270/ or if you can't handle the pain, go for a shaver: http://www.boots.com/en/BIC-Twin-Lady-Sensitive- Disposable-Razors-8s_1114115/



Afer step 2, moisturise your whole body before you go to bed and in the main places such as the elbows, knees and the backs of your ankles. This is to ensure that your tan looks as natural as possible!

You need: Moisturiser: http://www.superdrug.com/Holiday---Prepare-to-Bare/Palmer's-Cocoa-Butter- Lotion-250ml/p/39818#.VkHxPMYXyUc



On the day of the fake tan frenzy, jump in the shower and turn it to cold. I know it sounds horrific in this awful climate, however it will do wonder for your pores and stop the tan from clogging them.



Always apply fake tan using a latex glove underneath a fake tanning mitt, if you use just a mitt the chances are that the dye will seep onto your palms leaving you with brown marks which just aren't pretty! Start from the bottom of your body and work yourself up using circular motions ensuring you don't miss any spot- don't be scared that it's too dark, this is the guide colour! When fake tanning your face, make sure you mix the fake tan solution with a bit of moisturiser, otherwise your skin can feel extremely dry. If you have some residue lef on the mitt, use this to tan your hands and feet- do not pump another load of tan onto the mitt!

You need: Tanning Mitt: http://www.superdrug.com/Save-1-3-across-all-Bronzing/Solait-Tanning- Mitt/p/913757#.VkH0ncYXyUc

Fake Tan: http://www.superdrug.com/bronzing



Depending on the tan you use, you should leave fake tan to optimise to it's full colour before washing of the guide colour the next day. Once washed of, moisturise your body to give it a gorgeous glow then you're ready to hit the town looking like a bronzed confident Goddess!


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