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The UK beauty market has taken off in the past few years, so it’s easy to neglect the fact that for centuries women have been using natural oils to benefit their diets, skin, hair and nails. The cosmetic benefits of oil in the summer months are endless, so we’ve compiled a list of the best products to maximise your summer look this year.


Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree, prevalent in Morocco. Moroccans use it with foods like pasta and cous cous, but it has been used for hundreds of years to treat skin disease, and to moisturise hair.                                                                                                  

Simply Argan Oil can be bought on http://www.simplyarganoilshop.com for £9.50, and works by nourishing and moisturising your skin, containing no artificial colouring, preservatives or perfumes. It’s suggested use is on hair, skin and even nails.

Hask Argan Oil can be bought in Boots for only £3, and it is recommended to be used on both wet and dry hair to create a silky, smooth finish.


It’s pretty obvious where coconut oil is derived from, the breakthrough oil of 2016. It is capable of not only battling obesity with its health benefits, but also working as a brilliant hair mask, nourishing dry locks, moisturizing skin and even working as sun cream, protecting against 20% of the sun’s rays! If you reject the thought of sun cream in order to maximise your tan, then use coconut oil to enhance your colour as well as protecting from burn.

If you want to go even further with the health benefits of coconut oil, it can be used as mouthwash, as it kills some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, improves dental health and reduces bad breath. (You may end up tasting and smelling of coconut though…)

It can be bought in Superdrug for only £2.49, or the trendy upcoming brand Vita Coco also sells it for a manageable £9.99.


Use it in pancake and smoothie recipes, as makeup remover, or for a post shower moisturise.



It’s summer, so naturally sunbathing is going to be a part of everyone’s upcoming months. If you have inherently dark skin, then to enhance your tan, the best solution is the gorgeous Hawaiian Tropic oil, which protects from the sun with Ultra UVA protection. Its trademark tropical fragrance helps you relax in the sun, made with coconut, the Pulmeria Flower, Mango, Guava and Papaya. It also nourishes skin with Vitamins A, B, C and E so your skin stays soft, supply and healthy, and it is only £6.49 in Superdrug, so don’t think twice about packing it in your suitcase when you go away.

Oil is such an easy solution to many cosmetic problems, so make yourself a coconut oil smoothie, put some in your hair, all over your skin, get a Sassea bikini on and get in the sun while it lasts!




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