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Thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and fitness gurus like Jen Selter, a big booty has been all the rage for the past couple of years, and now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to throw in some exercises to tone up! No equipment is necessary and you can do booty workouts from home, so no more excuses. Here are some of our favourite booty workouts which are guaranteed to burn, and are also guaranteed to make your bum look that much better in our unique and flattering Brazilian scrunch bottoms.


One of the most effective exercises that gets your heart rate up as well as targeting glutes is the squat jump. It’s as easy as it sounds, simply squat as low as you can and then propel yourself up into a jump, then go straight back to the squatting position. Do about 15 reps, it really feels good to burn and sweat at the same time!


This exercise has blown up recently, and is also known as “The Butt Lift”, something that can only be seen as a positive! Lie yourself down flat on your back, and just raise your glutes up and lie back down again. The trick is to squeeze your glutes when you lift them up as hard as possible, (I mean it, feel the burn!) and to hover on the ground instead of completely relaxing yourself when on the floor. Try doing 20 as they don’t burn as much as other exercises.


A classic for leg day. Position yourself on all fours, and keeping your core tight, raise one leg up as high as possible, and slowly pulse your foot toward the ceiling, squeezing your glutes! Return to the starting position to complete one rep and try and do three sets of 15 pulses on each side. Don’t be afraid to kick hard, they’re called donkey kicks for a reason.


This is one of Jen Selter (the booty queen of Instagram)’s favourites, and all you need is a chair. Just stand behind the chair and hold on to it, then lean forward slightly and lift your leg behind you, without locking your knee. Squeeze your glutes hard (again!), raising your leg as high as possible, then lower it back and do 10 reps per leg.


Back to the all-important, infamous squats. This is harder than a basic squat, but is guaranteed to make you wake up in pain, everyone’s favourite kind of pain! Stand with your legs parallel to your shoulders, and squat down as low as you can. Now rather than standing up, hold it and pulse. This hurts almost straight away but hold for at least 30 seconds and if you include this in your workouts regularly, you will definitely start to notice a difference in firmness, (even Jen says so!)

No matter your size; whether you have a tiny booty or are comparable to Kim K, get yourself in a bikini this summer. Show everyone your beautiful body, ooze confidence in our unique Brazilian scrunch bottoms, and don’t forget to tag us in your #sasseaselfie!



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